scotch with honey


1. This post might be offensive to Scotch whiskey lovers. User discretion is advised.

2. Soon after I posted this, I discovered that such a drink already exists and is called Hot Toddy!

So, I like beer. Occasionally, I’ll drink a bourbon i.e. JD with Coke. But that’s mostly when there is nothing ‘better’. When we traveled around Scotland last summer (2009), the first, no second,  place we visited was Dufftown. It’s a quaint, typical Scottish town where almost everyone works in the local distillery! In the case of Dufftown, this means Glenfiddich and Balvenie, among others. As any Scotch lover will tell you, these distilleries make some of the best tasting whiskey out there. On a wonderful rainy morning, A and I walked less than a mile to participate in the FREE! tour of Glenfiddich distillery. On our way, we encountered some peaceful and content brown buffalos and clicked photos with them. 

I was VERY excited for a non-whiskey enthusiast, so imagine what the blue-bloods must be feeling. On the whole, it was a charming experience.

But what I really enjoyed was the tasting session at the end. And a part of it was the Glenfiddich liqueur. I HATE liqueurs. Amazingly, I loved this one. It had a distinct honey flavor and was 40% ABV! At the risk of being branded an alcoholic, what more could I want? We bought one bottle of this delicious concoction and soon after I reached NY, it was over. There was no easily available substitute, till I decided to experiment mixing honey with Jameson to recreate the (subjective!) flavors of Dufftown. AND IT WAS GOOD! EVEN A LIKED IT!!!

So, those of you who like or dislike whiskey, please do me a favor and try this drink. Mix a little honey with plain whiskey. No ice or water is needed. Stir till the honey is mixed properly and drink. I bet it tastes lovely if you add a little hot water and lemon to it when it’ snowing :).

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