PoF is going to Peru!

Hello hello,

First and foremost, IT SNOWED TODAY!!! Winter seems to have arrived a bit earlier than expected. It’s not even Nov!

Now, getting back to the point…next week, I am going to Peru! It’ll be my first ever trip to South America. Yes, I am excited!

(Also, did you notice that I have nick-named the blog PoF?)

As much as I enjoy staying at home and cooking in my tiny NYC kitchen, sometimes it’s nice to get away from the city. And it seems like I need a break right about now. My dream career is to travel for food. Not like Anthony Bourdain though. Obviously, I would like to eat where I go. But, I am more fascinated by the pre-eating part of food. The ingredients, cooking utensils, recipes, techniques, markets, kitchens…you get the point. There is so much one can learn by merely hanging around in someone else’s kitchen, watching them make even a familiar dish. It would be so awesome if I could just do that for a living and take pictures and write about it! Oh, well!

Coming back to Peru, I am going to be traveling to the modern capital, Lima and the erstwhile Incan capital, Cusco for 9 days with a friend. Lima is considered the hottest food destination in South America, so that’s exciting in itself. It seems incredibly diverse. Other than native Peruvians, there are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Jewish, Chinese, Japanese and British influences. Being such a melting pot must surely make its cuisine very interesting and unique. Lima also has a Chinatown, known as barrio chino.

I can’t wait to try the cebiche, pisco sours, coca leaves/tea, corn, potatoes and the numerous pollo dishes. Until then, there’s cart-loads of work to be finished 😦

I hope everyone’s having a good weekend!

P.S. A couple more pictures from today.

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