a day out in flushing, queens

I went to Flushing yesterday to eat some Chinese food with two close friends, K and T. First, we ate some sticky pork buns at AA Plaza (4 for $1.25!). Super tasty!

Then, we walked into the Flushing Mall Food Court. Our first stop was Lanzhou Noodle, where we watched a really cool guy make noodles by hand! Look how elegant and beautiful the entire process was:

We had a huge bowl of beef noodle soup ($5) made from fresh noodles, beef, bok choy, scallions and cilantro leaves. It was really difficult to split the soup three-ways with just chopsticks. Ultimately, we ended up using our hands and made a mess on the table. I am sure we looked quite silly and idiotic because the noodle guy came and gave us plastic forks at some point.

Then, we went to Xi’an Famous Foods and ate Chang-an Spicy Tofu ($2) and Spicy Hot Oil Seared Hand-Ripped Noodles ($6). The noodles were a bit too oily for us. The tofu was very soft, creamy and flan-like. It was better than the noodles, but not something I would like to eat again. I liked the generous use of fresh cilantro.

Then, we walked around the neighborhood for a little while and had a spicy lamb skewer ($1) at Xinjiang BBQ Cart. It was very juicy/fatty and I really enjoyed the spice rub.

We also wanted to try the soup dumplings at Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao, but they had a huge line outside. So, instead, we went to Spicy and Tasty for a sit-down Sichuan meal. We ate Twice-sautéed Pork and “Dry-cooked” String Beans. The string beans were one of our favorite dishes of the day. Leftovers being eaten right now!

Our last stop was Apollo Bakery, where I got a coffee ($1.10), K got a Red Bean Bun ($1.10) and T reluctantly paid for them.

And that was a Saturday spent very well :-).

Lesson of the day: Learn how to use chopsticks!

Favorite dishes of the day: Sticky Pork Buns and “Dry-cooked” String Beans.

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