Yesterday, I ate my first proper Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve cooked turkey etc. in the past, but it was on Christmas, in Bermuda! So, when my dear friend K and her family invited me to eat with them, I was overjoyed!

It was a gorgeously sunny day.

We peeled and chopped and baked and washed and joked and laughed (at Melissa Clark!).

Several cups of coffee were consumed.

There were hors d’oeuvres: olives, carrots, radishes, cheese, crackers, grapes, apple cider.

Everything looked beautiful to me. So, I took some more pictures.

These are the flowers I got.

We took a break from eating and cooking and went up to the terrace.

And admired the buildings,

…old painted advertisements,

…wooden water tanks,

…yellow leaves,

…and exhausts (?) that looked like sculptures.

We came back, cooked and ate some more…

…and then, went out to Riverside Park to enjoy the sunset.

We walked along the Hudson.

By the time we got back home, everyone was famished! So, we quickly set the table, and ate…

…gluten-free pumpkin bread,

…avocado, orange, red onion and lettuce salad,

…sweet potatoes roasted with butter, molasses, cinnamon, dry ginger and cloves,

…cranberry jelly,

…mashed potatoes,

…grilled asparagus,

…turkey with stuffing and gravy,

…apple pie with a hint of buckwheat flour in the crust,

…apple galette,

and a pumpkin pie (sadly, no pictures of it!).

Look at my plate!!!

After pestering K’s little brother (in a way that only sisters can!), we went out to meet a few other friends at 1020 and laughed like crazy people! And with that, the day came to an end.

It was sooo much fun to meet, cook and eat with K’s family! Being so far away from mine made the time spent with them even more special. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did. ..thank you, K!


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