I’ve been in a reflective mood these past few days. May be it was the realization that it’s already December and another year is almost over. Or it could be the two days that I spent all by myself on several planes and airports on my way to India. Sometimes, it is relaxing to be amidst strangers. There is no need to talk to anyone and you are not plagued by any expectations, self-imposed or otherwise. I don’t mean to imply that it is taxing to spend time with friends. But every once in a while, it is mentally rejuvenating to be alone, even if it is on a random airport, in a new country, surrounded by weary travelers.

My last few weeks in New York were very tiring and cluttered. Coming home to your family after that makes you realize that all is, in fact, well with your world. It’s amazing what a bit of pampering and time with your parents can do to a worn out soul. So, in my meditative streak, I have made a few resolutions for the new year.

I have never been the sort of person who has professional goals or lofty dreams of doing something big and important. I like the little things in life. So, all I want is to make my life simpler and more balanced. For me that involves, correcting my sleep schedule (which has been jet-lagged forever!), getting more organized about work (no more last-minute madness!) and spending less time online.

I have also been thinking about the good things that came my way this year.

I made some really amazing new friends and now, I can’t imagine life without them (hopefully, all of you know who you are..if not, just ask!).

After dreaming about it forever, I finally visited Bombay for the first time.

(Haji Ali)

(Victoria Terminus)

(Leopold Cafe)

I took an amazing trip to Peru.



(Machu Picchu)

(Cusco from Sacsayhuamán)

I had the most amazing 30th birthday ever…full of cupcakes, Occupy Wall Street, dancing, dinners and pointy hats!

But most importantly, I am really glad to have a beautiful mom who will cook whatever I want to eat, who taught me (among many other things) how to make homemade paneer and who even remembers to buy the shampoo I use before I come home!

…My really tall and handsome brother who bought extra fire crackers this Diwali, since I haven’t been home for the festival in more than 6 years, so that I can light them when I visit in December!




…And, of course, my nutty father who refuses to learn how to use a cellphone, still wonders how electricity is transferred through wires and while walking on the terrace, thinks about where he would fall off if gravity stopped working!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, everyone!  🙂

Next up: How to make gajar ka halvah!

11 thoughts on “renew

  1. Welcome to Mumbai! Your pictures of Peru are wonderful!

    And I agree to what you say about having to travel alone sometimes. I do that too 🙂

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