a year of mornings

I have always aspired to become a morning person. But never could. I was born at 4 am, so I thought it would come naturally. But it didn’t. I guess one reason is that a little part of me really does enjoy the unhurried quiet of night when there is no traffic on the street outside my window. I love the idea of mornings though. The idea of an entire day ahead of you. The possibility of making it whatever you want. The promise of new beginnings. But having been a night person for most of my adult life, I have also felt something similar for those long hours before rest of the world wakes up and rushes you. Night gives you time to brace yourself for the next day. It’s like an extension of your homework deadline that says, “There’s still time, don’t give up!”

One of my new year resolutions was to start waking up early. I’ve enjoyed plenty of late nights, so I wanted to experience the early mornings that so many people I know can’t seem to do without. And I must tell you, I am hooked (of course, being jet lagged has helped!). May be it’s too early to announce, but I think, hope and like that I am becoming a morning person. I feel like fresh snow!

But morning has a twin. It’s called breakfast. Needless to say that I have never really bothered with preparing breakfast. I go straight from coffee to lunch. So, this is new territory for me. To make matters more difficult, I don’t like eggs. I wish I did. Life is so much simpler for people who like eggs, or at least breakfast is. It’s going to take some effort, but I am going to try eating an interesting and healthy breakfast every day.

This is what I had today: two slices of bread slathered with one-whole-avocado worth of guacamole, a tumbler of orange juice, a glass of milk and a slice of Molly‘s Vanilla Buttermilk cake that I baked last night.

Oh, and before that I had a cup of lemon tea with some Marie biscuits! I might have been too full for lunch, but, at least I ate breakfast. Have a happy day !


8 thoughts on “a year of mornings

  1. Hey! I like ur blog…great pics!! Finally one blog, I’d like to follow.And by the way, that’s almost brunch darling…so great going Anu!!:)

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