new traditions

Bear in mind that you should conduct yourself in life as at a feast.

~Epictetus (55 AD – 135 AD)

Do you want to know what I do every Tuesday? Ok, may be not EVERY Tuesday, but that’s the intention. I go to Pisticci, the nicest restaurant around Columbia, and have dinner with three of my dearest friends. On a few occasions, it’s just three of us and on fewer occasions, we let a small number of unbelievably lucky people join us (ha ha!). What is constant though, is the food. We eat bowls of La Spaghettata (no meatballs), roasted garlic bread (no goat cheese) and drink a carafe of house red wine (yes, please!). Sometimes, we make room for salad and dessert. We are flexible that way. And we have a name.

You see that wooden clip up there? The kind people use on clothes-lines and Pisticci uses to clip their checks to a cardboard sheet? That’s where it came from. Our name. We are the Clippers. Yes, we might be too old for this sort of stuff. But we are fine with that. I think one advantage of growing older is that you stop caring about what others around think of you, mostly. Trust me, life is more fun that way.

Pisticci is the sort of place I dream about living on top of. I guess it’s a very New York-kind-of dream, where I would live in the same building as my favorite restaurant, come down for a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine at the bar after a busy weekday, nod at the bartender, say hello to the servers and may be read a book or listen to the live music and feel merry and as Clipper Pee Pee would say, cosy. Why of course we have names for each of us…why would you think otherwise?

Cosy IS the right word to describe Pisticci. It’s the perfect place to get into on a windy day. You can almost hear the lively chatter from outside just by looking at the faces of people inside. The yellow light streaming through the windows says, “Hello! Why don’t you come in?” And so we merely follow and go in and have a good time. No, a great time!

We chatter, dream about traveling to India and Sweden, gossip, make more eating plans, take pictures with our iphones – Pee Pee with flash and me without one. We drop ear rings and make the staff join us while we crawl under the table looking for them, in the middle of dinner service. We go there after watching The Vagina Monologues, and try to loudly incorporate all the new words we learnt at the play into our conversation, mostly to embarrass one of us ( not me!). We try to impress the person taking our order by mentioning “We are regulars” (do you see the irony? when will you start recognizing us, Pisticci-people?). And we laugh. A lot.

Here’s a virtual toast to Tuesdays with Clippers!

Yours truly,

~ Clipper Hee Hee


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