black coffee

I am not sure why, but I was convinced that I didn’t like black coffee. It was one of those things that I “knew” about myself, without giving it an honest try. If I ever ran out of milk, I would much rather go without coffee than have it black. But then, just like that, last week I ran out of milk again and firmly decided to get over my issues and face black coffee head on. And I am a convert!  Really, coffee without milk is lighter, fresher, cleaner and you can taste the beans! No more cafe con leche for me!

5 thoughts on “black coffee

  1. I absolutely love my coffee black, but when I’m at restaurants I do put creamer and sugar in my coffee. Restaurant coffee just does not taste as good to me as when I make it myself.
    I like the photo. My favorite part is the lonely air bubble=)

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