new york at night

Well…sometimes it so happens…that you go to a friend’s place to watch the latest episode of Mad Men…because you’ve recently donated your television to Salvation Army (or they have donated peace-of-mind to you)…and in any case you didn’t have cable…and then you come back to your apartment at midnight…only to realize that you don’t have your keys…but since it is the fourth time, you don’t panic. Thankfully, you can call your University folks and your building super (NY-speak for superintendent) can be woken up at any hour apparently and be ordered to rescue you. Thank goodness.

If you end up in such a situation, take a walk around your neighborhood and shoot (only if it is safe, please). That’s what I did. Other than posting on Facebook, of course.

~the guy in red and green~

~appletree flower shop~

~zebra crossing~

~this is not a mailbox, and i don't know what it is~

~the sub shop~

~we are closed~

~the garden next door~

~the bus stop~

~it's spring!~

~we park~
Good night!

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