my first snow

Yes, I know…it’s Spring now in this part of the world. And, it IS beautiful to see the pretty flowers and the green leaves and eat asparagus and wear skirts and leave the windows open. But, at the same time, a little part of me is suddenly and strangely missing the lull, the quiet, the calm of a snowstorm. I love it when everyone is tucked inside, there is no traffic on the street, the window panes get steamy as you breathe against them, your nose turns red and the eyes water when you take a peek outside and everything is black, white, grey or brown. It’s peaceful and fresh.



My first snow fell in January 2007, in a small town called Harpers Ferry. It’s probably the oddest (and the cheapest) trip I have even taken. It was the complete opposite of tourist-season, there was hardly anyone in that town, we didn’t know it was going to snow – a totally random trip. In fact, I don’t even remember how and why we decided to go there. It was just two of us, me and a really dear friend of mine, S, who lived in Pennsylvania at that time. I used to live in DC. We booked a log cabin in a Civil War Battlefields camp ground and bought round-trip Amtrak tickets and took a weekend off.


On our first night, there was no restaurant open for dinner. We didn’t have any smart-phones back then. So, after spending a long time calling weird 1-800 numbers, we managed to find a pizza place in the neighboring town that was willing to deliver to a random cabin inside a campground. It was a lot of fun actually. But the best part came the next day.

We were walking around in an almost-ghost-town and it started snowing! And I had NEVER seen snow until that moment…not even already-fallen-snow-turned-into-hard-ice! It was totally amazing to watch these little cotton balls drop from the sky! We took a hike and met absolutely no one on our way. Only when we were back “downtown” did we meet a Park Ranger who told us sternly to get back to our cabin. Very confidently, we told him that we didn’t have a car and were waiting for our bus and he gave us a look that conveyed amusement, disbelief and scorn all at once and informed us that all public transport had been canceled due to the storm. Our silliness probably had something to do with his decision to drop us back in his car. We had clearly failed to grasp the gravity of the situation and were quite amused actually. After finishing his rounds, which involved scaring a few more people, he dropped us off at our cabin and we woke up to see this! (It doesn’t seem that exciting in retrospect, but remember this was my first time.)






We spent most of that weekend doing nothing more than simply enjoying the weather and walking around town.


I even remember the morning spent at the train station on our way back!

Here’s wishing everyone a really happy, adventurous, unexpected and joyful Sunday!


5 thoughts on “my first snow

  1. Beautiful photography, Harpers ferry looks like a great place to visit, it’s now on my list 🙂

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