a soupy week

For a change, I have been working. I am starting the final year of my Ph.D., so the next twelve months are going to be super hectic. Can’t wait to finish and move to a new city and who knows, may be even a new country! But sleeping late and waking up early has been fun actually. I have been enjoying the early morning sunlight, gently streaming through the tree next to my bedside window.

On the cooking front, things haven’t been as nice though. They’ve been just okay, not delicious, not exciting, just mellow, and yellow.

For instance, I made roasted butternut squash soup the other day. It was a decent pot of soup, but boring. I am beginning to realize that I just don’t like that kind of soup. In fact, as I write this, I am reminded of this carrot-orange soup I had for lunch in Edinburgh several years back. It was similarly boring.

But, I got some nice pictures out of it. And the whole making-soup-on-a-rainy-day thing was pleasurable as always.

Hopefully the weekend will be tastier! Have a good one, friends!

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