beatty’s chocolate cake

Looks good, right? It tastes fabulous! Even to a non-chocoholic like me! And it’s super easy to make. This recipe comes from one of Ina Garten’s friends’ grand mother, Beatty. I am feeling lazy about posting the recipe, but you can find it here.

This cake uses buttermilk, hot brewed coffee and oil, instead of butter. The batter is quite runny, which makes it really moist. I don’t have a stand-mixer or an electric hand mixer, so I find it easier to make cakes with runny batters.

The quantities in this recipe are for a two-layered cake with frosting. I don’t care much for frosting, so I skipped that part. And I wanted to make just one cake, so I halved the quantities for all ingredients. I also put a baking sheet under the cake pan, just in case the batter overflowed. It didn’t.

As you can see, I have already started eating it!

Have a happy Sunday!


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