I feel like traveling. To a faraway country. But my feet are firmly stuck in New York for at least a few more weeks. So, to vicariously transport myself through my own nostalgia, I was looking at some old photographs of past trips. Here are a few from Scotland. It was an ambitious vacation taken by two young, poor students who ended up running out of money half-way through their planned itinerary! I still have the maps and guidebooks for the places that we couldn’t afford to visit!

First up, the town of Dufftown, where we went to the Glennfiddich Distillery on a rainy day (most days were rainy!),

…and watched the Highland Games. Check out the guy doing the Caber Toss below!

They also have this Hill Race through the rolling hills covering a “distance over 14 miles and ascents of 4900 ft”. This is what it looks like. It seems easy, but trust me..those hills are muddy and slimy and slippery! Aren’t those kids sweet and the pink flowers lovely?

Keith and Dufftown Heritage Railway a.k.a. The Whisky Line ~

Next was Skye. We took buses and hitch-hiked and ate meals in several towns and cities en route. We hiked like crazy people, got badly tanned and sun-burnt, even with all that rain, and were tired to our bones. But it was still fun!

More often than not, we had only sheep for company!

That’s me below! IT WAS WET AND WINDY!

We also spent some proper time in Edinburgh and did the usual stuff. And I learnt that I am NOT a fan of black pudding. There are so many interesting stories from this trip. May be I’ll tell you some other time 🙂

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! Here’s what today looked like here in New York.


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