a better day

Some days are just so nice. Sunday was one of them. PP and I ate two happy and tasty meals on our first day in Chicago. That’s pretty much all we did, actually. We arrived, dropped off our luggage at the hostel, went for lunch, whiled away time until dinner by doing absolutely nothing, ate dinner, spent an inordinate amount of time on the return subway and then just slept!

Since then, the food situation has rapidly deteriorated (read: university cafeteria food..eeks!). I can see myself losing it pretty soon. Until then, I am trying to survive on the memory of our Sunday meals!

We ate lunch at Bar Toma. The weather was nice, so we sat outside. Their wood-fired Pizza Verdure (local market vegetables, ricotta, lemon, black pepper, pecorino Romano) was charred, smoky and delicious. However, the Tasting of Three from the mozzarella bar (fior di latte, mozzarella di bufala, smoked, Genovese pesto, lardo pesto, Sicilian pesto) was very ordinary. But, I would definitely go back for the pizza.

Dinner was at Sepia. I liked the feel of the restaurant, but what’s up with the cylindrical coverings on their chandeliers?!? The service and food are excellent! They are celebrating their 5th anniversary, so all guests are being offered a complimentary cocktail. Ours was a refreshing strawberry concoction. I was also extremely pleased with my ‘Guide to Better Living’ (lillet rose, mezcal vida, muddled strawberries, and victorian lemonade).

The English pea ravioli (with hazelnut-chicory crumble and thyme butter) starter was just okay. For main course, both of us ordered the carnaroli risotto with asparagus, morels, grana padano and pickled lemon and LICKED OUR PLATES CLEAN!!! Ah, how I miss it already!

I wish all days were like last Sunday. Sadly, there is more crappy food in my near future :-(.


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