back home

I got back from Chicago last night and it’s so nice to be home. It always is! I love settling back into the mundane routine of daily life, buying fresh groceries, sleeping in your own bed, making coffee in the good old coffee maker, doing laundry, cleaning the apartment, cooking again. It’s funny how much I miss these things when I am traveling! But Chicago was fun too.  

I got to spend some time with two of my college friends. I have known them for the last 13 years! Time does fly! They took me around the city and we ate some really yummy Indian-Chinese and North Indian food over the weekend. After a week of crappy cafeteria food, I was in a terrible, terrible mood! Thank you, A and M for rescuing me!Other than two days in Downtown, most of the week was spent at the University of Chicago in a classroom..eeks! There was barely any time to do any thing.

On a few and far between occasions, we spent some time having dinner/lunch/coffee at Medici and Noodles Etc. Most decent eating joints close to campus seem to be located on 57th St. I later learnt that Z&H Market Cafe has some really good sandwiches, but I didn’t get to try them.

I did, however, manage to do a few fun things. A+M and I took a boat tour on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan (photos here) and visited the Millennium Park (more on that soon). 

Chicago seems like a great city. Wish I had more time to explore! Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. I surely will!

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