indian grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is probably one of my favorite activities. While in Chicago, I went to a huge Indian grocery store called “Patel Brothers” in Devon, with A+M. It was AWESOME! Here are a few pictures from that evening.

Mountains of rice! 

Green and purple brinjals.
Wall of pickles!

Ghee/clarified butter

Aisles of goodness!


They have a pickle bar!

A lot of Indian babies have grown up on this stuff/Janam Ghutti

India’s most popular butter brand, Amul.

Not your regular aisle signs!

We also went to a couple other stores and spotted some interesting things, like fresh turmeric,

…edible pure bee pollen (who knew!),

…I guess this is a type of arbi/taro?

And finally, a place that distinguishes between lamb and goat meat!

8 thoughts on “indian grocery shopping

  1. This is so great! I grew up in that neighborhood and now find myself living 5 minutes from Devon and Western! Good on you for visiting. Thanks for sharing these pics. I had no idea there was a pickle bar! I am going to share your page on our Facebook.

  2. Hi Butter&Yolk, you are so lucky to stay so close by! In fact, I was telling my friend, M that if I lived in that neighborhood, I would spend hours in that store 🙂 And thanks for sharing!

  3. That is awesome! I often wondered why no one has done a documentary on that area of Chicago. I read once that it the area surrounding Devon and Western has the largest population of residents from India and Pakistan in the U.S. Do you have a FB page? I was looking around to see, but did not find anything. Thanks for the “Like” on our page!

  4. Oh, really? Didn’t know about the size of the immigrant population in that area. No, I don’t have a FB page anymore…I used to have one, but then got lazy about it!

  5. One time when I was a teenager I bought a whole load of fresh turmeric from the Persian store in town (which is a tiny little shop, into which they cram an astonishing amount of ‘ethnic’ foods – they also cater for the local Polish and Chinese communities, so you can imagine the variety…)

    My mum made me put it in everything for a week – until we realised our spit (and teeth) was starting to turn bright yellow…


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