I know as well as any regular reader that I haven’t been cooking or posting. But surprisingly, what worries me is that I have also not been photographing. And it just seems so strange. This is not me. For a long, long time this person who clearly likes to repeat words and is almost surely me, has taken photographs of everything that has moved her. So, this lack of picture-record either means that I have not been moved or something else, that’s equally scary. And my hunch is that it is something scary. I’ll inform you once I figure out what it is. Because I do remember being moved on various occasions. May be they were just not photogenic.

Meanwhile, you might remember my blue bottle. I still have it. Although I have lost a grey one.

I also did some interesting things. I went and searched for the first email that my closest friends ever sent me. Of course we all had yahoomail before we had gmail or whatever email we use…but since I only use gmail now, I searched that. It was truly amazing. Do try!

The next thing I realized is that I have been wearing some combination of black, white and a particular shade of green for at least a month! It was not deliberate. And I am not sure why we choose the colors we do. I absolutely love those midnight blue kolhapuri slippers!

I have also been missing my oil painting classes. I don’t think I ever told you about it. I used to really like them.I have also been wondering about getting older, but in a happy way. And the following picture has absolutely nothing to do with getting older, unless you are a post-modernist!

And guess what…I have been asked to write a review for a cookbook! I am so, so excited! If only I knew how to do it! But, thankfully I have a November deadline! It’s still the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long, long time!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!

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