I had the opportunity to spend three days in Vancouver this week. Since I was visiting for work, I didn’t spend a lot of time exploring the city. But on Saturday I managed to find a few hours and took a ferry to the Granville Island Public Market. Here are some photos if you’d like to see:


+ The Food Court +

IMG_1625A wonderful shop called “The Stock Market”. They sell ready-to-use fresh stocks, sauces, soups, and what not. Check out some really cool things below:IMG_1636

IMG_1632 IMG_1630 IMG_1634

The South China Seas Trading Co was another awesome food store. Apart from fresh and dry ingredients from East Asia, South Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa etc., they had kitchen equipments like mortars and pestles, griddle pans, and several cook books.


Another cool idea was the “pantry in a box” concept for anyone trying out a new cuisine.IMG_1640IMG_1642

P.S. Happy New Year (so what if I am 19 days late!)

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