I think so.

What can I say? I missed this blog! A magazine was nice; perhaps still is. But there is something real and different about the space and freedom a blog provides me with—to go with the flow, to not worry about typos and eternity. And that’s why I would like to be back. To reclaim my corner in the online universe.

A lot has happened since I said goodbye. A magazine, as I said. But other, more important things too. Like the unexpected death of an only and younger sibling. And, let me tell you, it’s hard to go through something like that. One fine day, you are sitting in your apartment, working at your dining table, running some OLS regressions and your phone rings. Your heart skips a beat. This is the stuff of your nightmares. Why would your parents be awake at that hour? You hope it’s a misdial but you know it’s not. She says words that you don’t want to hear; you want her to say something else; but no, that’s impossible; in fact, it is the opposite. Something you never even thought of, not even in the weirdest possible parallel universe, comes true. You scream. And then call and email and cry. Book flight tickets. Go numb.

The next few months reveal the truths you never knew.

And after a little while, you want to blog.

And that’s why, I am back.


3 thoughts on “Back?

  1. Hi.. i had found you when i started blogging 2 years back. Your blog and pics really boosted my morale to write more and more and not just that but also your passion for food, was something which made me to contemplate and retrospect.

    I had been following you from past two years. Had subscribed your posts via emails. I felt really bad… and i mean it.. reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad when i read that you wont be writing any more. my heart ached!

    today while deleting random mails from my inbox, when suddenly i saw an email from you blog… i was surprized as well as delighted… within few seconds read your post and the happiness of you making a come back got disappeared after reading your agony faced in years gone by. I’m extremely sorry for what has happened.. no words could comfort or nurse the pain you have faced.. just know that… you gotta be strong and very strong for your parents and for yourself…

    tight hugssssssssssssssssssssssssss… may his soul rest in peace!!

  2. I missed this blog too. Welcome back!

    And in this one small, but so significant… and heartbreaking, post, you have reclaimed the voice that we all have missed. I’m sorry… No words.. Only a really tight hug. Strength and love to you…

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