This post is going to be a scatter-plot of thoughts. It’s either that or no post at all, so I figured this is a more desirable outcome for everyone involved :-).

First, a list of some recent likes:


(Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston)

  • Spinster by Kate Bolick: literary history, contemporary commentary, and useful advice for all the single ladies.
  • Limetown: if you love mysteries and thrillers, check out this new podcast.
  • Blue Tokai Coffee: for single estate arabica coffees from farms across India. Thanks to PJ, I am currently enjoying their Kalladeverapura Estate coffee.
  • An adorable baby prankster! Aren’t children just amazing? Things we take for granted, such as the ability to joke, are in fact a developmental milestone for the little us.
  • The Moon Song.


(A church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

And, in my weekly dose of grief-talk:

One of the many terrible consequences of losing a family member is the dismantling of “family” as you knew it. Suddenly, you are not sitting on a plane with assigned seating and fixed roles as hosts, pilots, and passengers. Instead, you have crashed and are scattered in the unpredictable ocean, hanging on to the floating bits of broken wings from that erstwhile plane of yours.

Have a good week, everyone! xo

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