My name is Anu and I live in Boston, Massachusetts. Apart from research on Development Economics, I spend a lot of my time cooking, eating, reading and writing about food. This blog is an attempt to share this obsession with you.

I like exploring new cuisines, experimenting with new ingredients, watching people cook, visiting vegetable and spice markets, collecting old kitchen utensils and gadgets and fantasizing about kitchen gardens.

I am not an expert cook, nor do I want to become one. For me, cooking and eating are all about pleasure and happiness. It doesn’t matter how big or small your kitchen is or how fancy your ingredients are. One of my most memorable meals consisted of raw onions and bread cooked on an earthen stove. And it came from people who could afford little else. Food, like most other things, tastes better when shared. All you need is a big heart.

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You can email me at: pursue.food@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting! Have a great day!

(All photos and text on this blog belong to me, no matter how bad, and unless otherwise noted.) 


11 thoughts on “hola!

  1. Hi Anu! I came across your blog when you were Freshly Pressed and I’m glad I did. Not only do we seem to share educational interests (I studied international development and I’m actually looking into Columbia for grad school!), but I love what you do with your blog! Food, awesome photos and great, insightful commentary – a perfect mix!

  2. Hi Christina, thank you so much for reading and appreciating. I spent sometime on your blog yesterday and it’s very interesting! All the best with your applications 🙂

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